The Community Fund of Darien

Principles of Developmental Asset Building

  • All children and youth need developmental assets
  • Everyone can build assets
  • Relationships are key
  • Building assets is an ongoing process
  • Asset building requires consistent messaging
  • Duplication and repetition are good and important

Thriving Youth Parenting Tips of the Week

got resilience?


Top 10 Parenting Tips

  1. Be the person you hope your children will be as adults - your kids are watching you.
  2. Love the child you have, not the child you think they should be. They are a work in progress.
  3. Allow your kids to fail: early, fast and inexpensively.
  4. Turn the tables to see things from your kid's point of view. You may find a middle ground.
  5. Rules should be based on safety concerns that are non-negotiable.
  6. DON'T get on the roller coaster with them. Watch from the sidelines!
  7. Set and communicate high but realistic expectations for your child.
  8. Don't negotiate and do what you say you will.
  9. Stress happens. Teach and model healthy coping skills.
  10. Talk. Talk. And talk some more with your child.

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