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Hazing documentary to be held at library as part of teen drinking awareness campaign

In September 2004, fraternity pledge Gordie Bailey died from alcohol poisoning after passing out on a couch in his fraternity house following a hazing initiation at the University of Colorado. In 2008, The Gordie Foundation produced Haze, a documentary telling Gordie’s story and discussing the issues surrounding college drinking and hazing. This program is for parents and mature high-school aged students.

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Greenwich Student Receives Honorable Mention for Rx Drug Abuse Slogan

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Health info night

On Thursday, January 19, at the Darien Public Library, Ingrid Gillespie, Executive Director of Communities 4 Action, and Emily Larkin, Thriving Youth Program Coordinator at The Community Fund of Darien, announced the winners of the slogan contest.

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Campaign Launched to Counter Darien’s Troubling Rate of Teen Binge Drinking logo

What does 06820 mean to you? In Darien we value education, celebrate our successes, and are compassionate in times of need. We look out for our neighbors. But there is a critical way we’re falling short: 06820 is also a place with a troubling rate of teenage binge drinking.

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Linking Nonprofits to Next Generation Donors

Linking Nonprofits to the Next Generation of Donors


This is The Community Fund of Darien’s most recent “venture philanthropy” initiative. Our vision is to create a simple and interactive online giving platform that connects donors with impactful projects in Lower Fairfield County to help solve social problems.

• Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people via the Internet.
• We have partnered with other funders to create this new website as a free online service for local nonprofits to increase their online presence and fundraising.

Stay tuned for an early 2017 launch of this exciting new initiative!