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CarrieThe quest forhappiness these days - feeling good, adding meaning to life - iseverywhere. Businesses spring up seemingly overnight with products designed to satisfy our unquenchable thirst for happiness. Yet time and again, studies show that one of the straightest, most reliable paths to happiness is this: doing something good for others.  Because charitable acts aren’t just good for our family and community, they are also good for the soul. We give so much to those we love, and it is equally important to remember those we don’t even know – our neighbors in need in Darien, Stamford and Norwalk.

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The Community Fund of Darien recently surveyed 37 nonprofit organizations in
Darien, Stamford and Norwalk to better understand the challenges and opportunities
they will face in 2014.

b1Agency directors reported that for the people they serve, 52% will have a harder year in 2014.

b2When asked about the most significant human service need in our area, 24% answered at risk youth, followed by hunger, poverty and ensuring basic needs.

b435% of agency directors said their clients have seen no benefit from improvement in the economy.

b6Private funding continues to be a challenge for most of our agencies. 45%of the agencies surveyed forecast break-even operating expenses this year, while           25%predict an operating deficit.

When you support The Community Fund, your gift is combined with your neighbor’s gift to achieve the greatest impact. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of those most vulnerable in Stamford, Norwalk and Darien.  We take your financial gift and make strategic investments designed to help those who are most vulnerable in our community.  Our grants are vital to the health and success of our community.

                       We are YOUR community fund. Please join us.

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Did You Know?

Darien has the highest proportion of its population under 18 of any town in Connecticut. According to census data, 36.8% of Darien's population is under 18 compared with 23.5% statewide.