The Community Fund of Darien

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The Community Fund of Darien

Eight year-old William needs help dealing with the emotional trauma of domestic violence in his home.

The Community Fund of Darien helps those children and families hurting from domestic violence by: active participation on the Darien Domestic Abuse Partnership, providing annual funding to The Domestic Violence Crisis Center (DVCC) and introducing and promoting DVCC and other programming to the local schools.

The Community Fund of Darien is about people like you that really want to make a difference in our community.

Our experience tells us that the best way to help the most people is to target our community’s most serious problems and then focus on the underlying causes of those problems. It takes the whole community working together to pull it off.

Our mission is driven by:

  • Allocation: providing on-going financial support to agencies in Darien, Stamford and Norwalk, and small and emergency grants
  • Assessment: identifying underlying causes of community issues and needs, then focusing our resources on creating solutions
  • Advice: working with our agencies and community partners to build a stronger, healthier community.