The Community Fund of Darien

The Community Fund of Darien is an independent, results-oriented, volunteer-driven nonprofit organization that addresses health and human services needs in Darien and our surrounding towns of Stamford and Norwalk. We are dedicated to building a healthy community by:

  • Identifying and prioritizing critical local needs

  • Strategically investing funds to meet our goals

  • Measuring results and evaluating effectiveness

  • Fundraising cost effectively

  • Fostering collaborative efforts to identify solutions to local needs


The Community Fund of Darien responds to the needs of our community. We conduct needs assessments, vet each agency carefully before awarding a grant, and require our grantees to measure their results so we can evaluate impact. Our grants to local nonprofit agencies target the most critical needs in Darien, Norwalk and Stamford to make them vibrant and productive communities. We do more than just donate money. We give our time and expertise so our community partners will succeed. Please join your friends and neighbors in giving back to the community we all love.

We support Darien

We provide emergency financial assistance to Darien residents in need. In the past year, over 140 Darien families requested backpacks from Darien’s Human Services Department for school and close to 150 Darien families needed financial assistance to heat their homes during the winter. We take care of Darien by promoting civic engagement and volunteerism. We develop leadership skills for Darien teens with the Youth Community Fund, the Youth Asset Team, the Thriving Youth Task Force, and the Darien High School Volunteer Fair. With our Human Services Planning Council, we bring together community leaders every month to discuss our town’s most pressing needs and collaborate on solutions. For 35 years, we have celebrated Darien’s spirit of altruism and philanthropy with the Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.

We are volunteers

We are a Board of 27 of your friends and neighbors who give our time and talent. With goals of providing basic needs, improving youth success, and promoting self-sufficiency, we appreciate our good fortune and work to give back to this special community. We are more than 55 Darien volunteers who vet local nonprofits by reviewing grant applications, visiting nonprofits and recommending funding levels to ensure that your dollars will have the greatest impact. We are more than 20 of your neighbors who care about healthy youth development and support the mission and work of the Thriving Youth Task Force and Youth Asset Team.

We are intelligent philanthropy

As funders of approximately 30 local nonprofits, we work throughout the year to ensure that critical services for food, shelter, mental health, and abuse victims services are accessible and affordable. We share best practices, and provide counsel and financial assistance. Because of our deep knowledge of local nonprofits, our donors rely on us to know where their dollars will have the greatest impact. Your gift changes lives. A single donation to one organization - The Community Fund of Darien - has a tremendous effect on people of all ages.