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If youth know their community needs them, they will realize they can be partners in solving some of society’s most vexing problems and perceive that their responsible actions will improve the community and their own situation.”
~Changing Perspectives, National Crime Prevention Council

Novelette Peterkin, Executive Director of the Carver Center receives a grant from Megan Foley and Katie Stueber of the Youth Community Fund.

Working at the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County

Spending time and playing bingo at ARI of CT


The Youth Community Fund was formed to provide high school students from Darien the opportunity for leadership, understanding local needs and those organizations addressing those needs, and effecting positive change in their community.

Everyone had a great time at the Carver Center in Norwalk for a Holiday party.

The Youth Community Fund brings together public and private high school students to learn about philanthropy, altruism and human services issues. These students pursue volunteering opportunities, research needs, review grant applications and award $5,000 in grant money to non-profits.

For me, the greatest part of the Youth Community fund is not only getting to know a variety of non-profit organizations in our community, but also learning to work together with the other YCF members through the grant making process.  It's a unique experience that I would recommend to any teenager in our town."   Katie Stueber, 2011-2012 YCF President

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